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Movement Community Development Corporation, Inc.

Welcome to MCDC

The Movement Community Development Corporation, Incorporated was established in July of 2017, as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  This entity is the brainchild of founder and president, Alphonso Newsuan of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

However, the actual "movement" was created by Alphonso Newsuan and a dedicated group of local residents in September of 2013. The primary goal was to improve the educational system and create recreational activities and opportunities for our local youth.  We made it a priority to become watch-dogs over the educational process and demand educational equality for all students.  We continue to speak up against wasteful spending and what we believe to be misplaced priorities in our school system.


Our Vision Statement:

Transforming Coatesville Communities

By Strengthening Families and

Generating Leaders


Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower and educate the residents of Coatesville of the various resources throughout the community. We will partner with our community by connecting with local officials and organizations that will successfully help Coatesville thrive as a sustainable community.


How Will We Bring Our Mission to Life:

We will transform the community through solicitation of donations, grants, and fund-raising events that will aid in housing programs and recreational projects that will help the community thrive.

We will educate the community by providing pertinent information and resources to the residents of Coatesville.

We empower the community by listening, partnering, and being the voice for the residents in Coatesville.